Monday, May 10, 2010


Looking forward to buying this for my coffee table when we come back to America this summer!
You can preview the book here. It releases in bookstores tomorrow!

Monday, May 3, 2010

one wall wonders

As a designer I have always been completely against doing an "accent wall." To be frank, something about it just creeps me out. I hear it coming out "ak-see-ent" (country twang) and that is how it fits in my mind category. I know there have been rooms that are done fabulously with accent walls and props to the designers that pull it off. Below is a poll done by House Beautiful and other designers opinions on the subject.... and some rooms done quite well to prove me wrong. But I'll stick to my gut when it comes to my own work. Which do you prefer?

{image from House Beautiful}

Colors Perfect for One Wall

Some designers love painting an accent wall. Others would never even consider it. Whose side are you on?

By Christine Pittel

Don't love the idea...

"I am not a big fan of the one-wall wonder. I think it's gimmicky, like one earring. What's the point? Couldn't afford two?"

"Would I recommend it? Only if the room offered no other viable solution. Is it a good idea? In professional hands, yes. In less experienced hands, probably not."

"I'm on the 'Don't do it' side of the fence. Painting one wall says 'I'm afraid of commitment,' not 'I love this color.'"

"I have never painted just one wall a different color. It takes your eye away from everything else. I think it looks very window-display. Too unfinished."

"I'm not a one-wall-only girl. I prefer to go in for the kill. I think you make much more of a statement and really get your point across when you paint all of the walls, and often the ceiling."

"I wouldn't do just one wall unless it was in stone or wood. I like everything to be the same so it doesn't look decorated. Even if the room is a box, I'd paint the whole box the same color."

"Painting just one wall seems a bit distracting and sort of a half measure. Why be timid? Pick a color you love and go all the way with it, baby!"

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